Linus on UEFI and Kernel Lockdown patch

This is a fascinating thread to read. Linus does not understand UEFI, he doesn’t understand how his code works on many systems. I get that he wishes UEFI didn’t exist, but many Linux users access Linux via Windows PCs. It is not valid to ignore the boot issues on those systems, especially in a world getting more and more security-aware.

I confess that I sometimes act like Linus as well, I’m ashamed to say. But I’m not responsible for one of the most important open source projects around; if I was I’d try to be a bit more mature to the contributors, lower ratio of UPPERCASE OBSCENETIES per constructive feedback. Linux users who have UEFI-based systems owe a lot of thanks to Matthew and a handful of others, like Peter, …in spite of Linus.

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