Spring 2018 UEFI Forum plugfest presentations uploaded

* State of the UEFI – Mark Doran (UEFI Forum President)
* An Introduction to Platform Security – Brent Holtsclaw and John Loucaides (Intel)
* Firmware Security: Hot Topics to Watch – Dick Wilkins (Phoenix Technologies, Ltd.)
* UEFI Updates, Secure firmware and Secure Services on Arm – Dong Wei and Matteo Carlini (Arm)
* The State of ACPI Source Language (ASL) Programming – Erik Schmauss (Intel)
* Implementing MicroPython as a UEFI Test Framework – Chris McFarland (Intel)
* UEFI and the Security Development Lifecycle – Tim Lewis (Insyde)
* Attacking and Defending the Platform – Erik Bjorge and Maggie Jauregui (Intel)
* Microsoft Security Features and Firmware Configurations – Scott Anderson, Jeremiah Cox and Michael Anderson (Microsoft)
* Dynamic Tables Framework: A Step Towards Automatic Generation of Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) & System Management BIOS (SMBIOS) Tables – Sami Mujawar (Arm)
* Microsoft Sample Code on GitHub and Walkthrough on Firmware Updates to Windows Update (WU) – Bret Barkelew, Keith Kepler, and Michael Anderson (Microsoft)
* Embedded Development Kit 2 (EDK2): Platforms Overview – Leif Lindholm (Linaro)
* Enabling Advanced NVMe Features Through UEFI – Zachary Bobroff (AMI)



I expect videos on Youtube shortly after PDFs have become available.

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