Quarks Lab: dumping flash chips, blog series

Quarks Lab has a 2-part blog series on dumping flash chips:

First part of a blog post series about our approach to dump a flash chip. In this article we describe how to desolder the flash, design and build the corresponding breakout board. This blog post series will detail simple yet effective attacks against embedded devices non-volatile memories. This type of attack enables you to do the following:
* read the content of a memory chip;
* modify the content of a memory chip;
* monitor the accesses from/to a memory chip and modifying them on the fly (Man-In-The-Middle attack).

In particular, the following topics will be discussed:
* Desoldering of a flash chip;
* Conception of a breakout board with KiCAD;
* PCB fabrication and microsoldering;
* Addition of a breakout board on an IoT device;
* Dump of a SPI flash;
* Dump of a parallel flash;
* Man-in-the-Middle attacks.



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