uefi.tech mirroring uefi.org’s fw_os_forum mailing list postings

[[UPDATE: It appears uefi.tech has changed their policy regarding scraping list postings. They have updated their site.]]

Re: https://firmwaresecurity.com/2018/04/09/new-uefi-centric-web-site-uefi-tech-uefitech/

I don’t know who is behind this new UEFI web site. The site is scraping postings from the UEFI Forum’s public mailing list, FW_OS_Forum and adding them to their web board, automatically adding the poster to their site, making it look like people who are posting to the FW_OS_Forum list are also posting on the uefi.tech forum.

For example:


One thought on “uefi.tech mirroring uefi.org’s fw_os_forum mailing list postings

  1. They may have deleted stuff but I don’t see any of what you describe in this post.
    The only information from the mailing list is a quote posted by the admin user “uefi.tech”.


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