PreOS Security creates awesome-firmware-security

This is the initial version of the awesome-firmware-security list! I’ve been putting this off for a while (since day 2 of this blog), luckily Paul did most of the work to release this. Thanks, Paul!

If this initial release smells like a Glossary for an ebook, there’s a reason for that: we have an upcoming ebook, and this initial release of this list was meant to act as More Info and Glossary for the ebook. 🙂

This is scoped to platform security, for security researchers, DFIR, Blue Team, SysAdmins, etc. Currently it is focused mostly on Platform Firmware (eg, UEFI). It needs help from others that’re focusing on IoT/embedded/mobile device ‘firmware’.

I’ll have a second list for firmware development-centric topics in near future.

There’s MANY things to add. Please submit a patch with more details, I’m hoping this is a community effort, not just Paul and I adding entries to this list. PLEASE HELP!

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