Platform Security Summit

Platform Security Summit
May 23-24, 2018 · Fairfax, VA

Day 1 topics include:
* Incentives, policy and software ecosystems
* Hypervisor requirements and use cases
* Boot integrity and firmware security

Day 2 topics include:
* Hypervisor-based products
* Operating system boot integrity
* Hypervisor research and development

Open Source Software and the Department of Defense David A. Wheeler
A Model of Agent Authority: Interpretation, Trust, and the Role of Rules Tim Clancy
SecureView Overview Kevin Pearson
Enterprise Scale Separation VMM Systems Myong Kang
TrenchBoot: Unified Approach to Harness Boot Integrity Technologies Daniel Smith
Dell Firmware Security: Past, Present, and Future Justin Johnson
Endpoint Resiliency in an Age of Advanced Persistent Threats Jim Mann
Firmware is the new Software Trammell Hudson
Open-Source Host Firmware Directions Vincent Zimmer
A penny per visit adds up real fast: designing effective defenses against an adversary that makes more money than your entire company does Michael Tiffany
Xen Security Weather Report 2018 Lars Kurth
Crucible: Tailoring Xen to support Critical Systems Ryan Thibodeaux
Introduction to the Bareflank Hypervisor and OpenXT Rian Quinn
XenTT: Deterministic System Analysis in Xen Anton Burtsev
Bear – A Resilient Operating System Stephen Kuhn
Anti-Evil Maid with UEFI and Xen Brendan Kerrigan
TPM 2.0 Software Stack: Usability, Privacy and Security Philip Tricca
STM PE Eugene Myers
Magrana Server John Shackleton
The meta-virtualization Layer of OpenEmbedded Bruce Ashfield
Improving the security of QEMU as a device emulator in Xen Paul Durrant

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