Microsoft: Hardware Security Test Interface (HSTI) 1.1a

I think this web page has just changed. However, I’m not sure if HSTI 1.1a is new or I’ve got a “false positive” in my searching for new stuff… 🙂 The checklist of issues for IBVs and IHVs is worth [re]reading.

Hardware Security Test Interface (HSTI) 1.1a
HSTI specifies a standard test interface for proprietary platform security technologies that enforce the Secure Boot promise (for example, SPI flash or eMMC partition locking, proper SMM configuration, Intel Boot Guard properly configured, and so on). Silicon and BIOS vendors specify and implement the necessary test cases which are shipped in release firmware as a built-in self-test. The inclusion of the test interface into the firmware allows the knowledgeable consumer the ability to verify the presence or absence of firmware security features.[…]


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