FirmWare Test Suite 18.05.00 released

New Features:
* fan: add cooling_device# to error messages
* doc: adding acpitests, uefitests and sbbr options to man page
* acpi: syntaxcheck: change it from batch to batch-experimental
* fwts_framework: add an “ifv” option for Independent Firmware Vendor
* dmicheck: skip checks of DMI default values for IFV
* acpi: method: add test for _CLS control method
* lib: create helper functions for device identification objects
* acpi: devices: add common objects
* fwts-frontend-text: add a recommended option for IFV (IBV)
* fwts-frontend-text: add an option for ARM SBBR
* auto-packager: add cosmic
* ACPICA: Update to version 20180427
* ACPICA: Update to version 20180508
* README: Add libpci-dev dependency ppc64el
* cpufreq: Add support to read boost frequencies

See announcement for list of bugfixes.

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