Duo Labs: organizations can be “software secure but firmware vulnerable”

Duo Labs, who has EFIgy, an EFI firmware update status tool for Mac, is interviewed by InfoSecurity Magazine on the topic of EFI security:

[…]Although efforts to compromise EFI are most often carried out as part of highly targeted attacks, they remain a major threat to organizations, he warned. […] Smith revealed newly updated research from Duo Security which details shortcomings in Apple’s EFI update processes. Drawing on data collected from 73,000 customer machines, the findings show that 4.2% were running the wrong EFI version – much higher than the 1% or so expected. That rose to nearly 43% for the oldest Mac model on the market, dating back to 2015. The results also showed that organizations could be “software secure but firmware vulnerable.” […] He called on tech firms to introduce “the same degree” of transparency into the firmware update process as they do with software updates. Duo Security chose to study Apple because the firm’s singular ecosystem made it easier to analyze, but Smith warned that failings in the Wintel space are arguably even more acute.[…]



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