EFI3M: EFI Multi-boot Menu Maker

EFI3M builds a Multi-boot menu for computers with an EFI firmware. The menu will be displayed when booting the computer and allows the user to start any of the installed system from its EFI boot loader: not only Linux distributions, but also BSD distributions, Microsoft Windows, Apple OS X, pretty much any system that has a boot loader in an ESP (EFI System Partition) on any drive of the computer, be it a hard disk, a SSD, a NVMe, whatever. The multi boot menu is installed in an internal ESP as /EFI/efibootmenu/BOOTx64.EFI alongside its configuration file grub.cfg and also, optionally, in /EFI/BOOT/ which is the fall back directory looked at by the firmware, if it is not not already busy. It can also be installed on an USB stick, to allow booting any installed system if for some reason booting would otherwise fail.


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