Winbagility project: simulates a debugged kernel

Winbagility is a tool that gives you ability to connect WinDbg on non /DEBUG Windows x64 systems. Winbagility simulates a debugged kernel. It retrieves over the STUB for some essentials information (KDBG, KPCR…) and forward these informations to WinDbg over KD.

PyFDP is a Python extension used to communicate with the FDP (Fast Debugging Protocol) hypervisor-based debugging server used in the Winbagility project. Winbagility introduced an instrumented version of VirtualBox which can be used to implement a sthealth debugger via Virtual Machine introspection and runtime analysis. While Winbagility simply connect the FDP server to Windbg in order to debug a Windows VM as if the guest was launch with /DEBUG option activated, anyone can write a FDP client. PyFDP expose the FDP client side by wrapping the DLL’s exports via ctypes, enabling any Python program to script a VM debugging session.

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