U-Boot v2018.07 released …with Spectre work-arounds

Tom Rini announced the latest release of U-Boot, on the u-boot mailing list:

[…]On the ARM side of things, we have the framework in, and in some cases, it is now enabled, what portion of the “Spectre” work-arounds. Since dealing with the issues entirely is a system-level problem and not just “whack some bits once and you’re good” I want to stress that to deal with the issue entirely you’re going to need more than just these changes enabled.[…]

[IMO, the U-Boot project has terse release announcements; to really understand what is new in U-Boot, you have to diff the sources and track all the current patches and issues on the mailing list, and the list is high-traffic and one of the main posters does not have an email client that properly supports threading…]

More info:

PS: Most recent set of U-Boot release stats:


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