Dynamic Binary Instrumentation Primer

The purpose of this post is to document my dive into the “world” of Dynamic Binary Instrumentation. I’ll cover some of the most well known and used DBI frameworks. That is Pin, DynamoRIO, and Frida. From these three I’ll mainly focus on Pin. There are other DBI frameworks that I won’t touch at all, like Valgrind, Triton (uses Pin), QDBI, BAP, Dyninst, plus many others. You might want to have a look at them. Some are more mature, some are less mature. Some have more features, some have fewer features. You’ll have to do some research yourself and see which ones fit your needs. Even though Valgrind is one of the most widely know, and used DBI frameworks, it’s only available for Linux. So, I won’t touch it at all.[…]




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