AppleSupportPkg: ApfsLDriverLoader, AppleLoadImage, AppleDxeImageVerificationLib

Open source apfs.efi loader based on reverse-engineered Apple’s ApfsJumpStart driver
Loads apfs.efi from ApfsContainer located on block device.
Apfs driver verbose logging suppressed.
Version system: connects each apfs.efi to the device from which it was retrieved
Supports AppleLoadImage protocol provides EfiBinary signature check
WARNING: Please load AppleLoadImage.efi right before ApfsDriverLoader, or just put it inside drivers64uefi folder of your Clover bootloader

Implementation of AppleLoadImage protocol discoverd in ApfsJumpStart Apple driver. This protocol installs in CoreDxe Apple’s firmware.
It provides safe EFI binary loading into memory by verifiyng it’s signature.
Also gives ability to use native ApfsJumpStart driver from Apple firmware
WARNING: ApplePartitionDriver needed

This library provides reverse-engineered Apple’s crypto signature algorithms.

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