UEFI-Stub-Loader: Load the Linux EFI Stub (or any EFI application) with command line boot options on systems that don’t support UEFI firmware command lines

* UEFI 2.x support for PCs, and it also works on Macs with 64-bit EFI (e.g. MacBook Pro Late 2013)
* Loads and executes kernels compiled as native 64-bit UEFI applications (like the Linux kernel)
* Passes user-written commands (from a plain UTF16 text file) to loaded EFI applications
* Allows arbitrary placement of itself in addition to kernel images on the EFI system partition
* Fits on a floppy diskette, and some systems can actually boot it from a floppy
* Minimal UEFI development environment tuned for Windows, Mac, and Linux included in repository (1)



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