Sites with sample firmware rom binaries

I was looking for some UEFI binaries to include in a workshop, and thought I’d make a quick post on the options.

Firmware Vault, a unofficial collection of Apple EFI ROMs:

A new site, from the author of UEFI Firmware Parser:

The same author wrote uefi-spider, a tool to scrape vendor web sites of their images, but it appears bitrot has taken effect. It’d be nice if someone submitted some patches to update this useful script. It’d be even nicer if someone would  maintain a site of crawled binaries, so multiple people don’t have to run the crawler against the sites.

The Intel Minnowboard releases include some binaries that can be used for analysis:

Similar to the Minnowboard releases, the Intel FSP releases includes multiple binaries: should have some ARM images. Tianocore should have some OVMF images, and has ShellBinPkg binaries for Intel and ARM. Tianocore and this site have UEFI OVMF images:

If you have other ideas, please leave a Comment on the blog with new URLs. Thanks!

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