tools to create UEFI USB boot drives

Regarding tools/scripts to generate a UEFI USB thumbdrive boot disk, there’s:

1) Rufus (a native GUI app for Windows), which has been around for years.

2) USB_UEFI_Shell, a Unix script, came out two weeks ago.

3) WinInst-UEFI-USB is a macOS script that generates a Windows-centric drive, and this was initially released yesterday.

[[I think there are a few other scripts that I’ve blogged about, but forget the project names at the moment, will create a future post when I can extend the list. There’s also the Tianocore/EDK2 script that DUET uses (or rather used, DUET was just deprecated from EDK2); I think Cloverboot has variations of that script. I guess I should also create a list of documentation that describes how to do this in the future as well. The CHIPSEC user documentation’s UEFI install instructions are one example app that includes this. There’re about a dozen other documents…]]

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