IL2C – A translator for ECMA-335 CIL/MSIL to C language (including UEFI Shell target)

Interesting, this may help enable porting C# and other .NET IL-based) languages to target UEFI Shell….
IL2C is a translator (transpiler) for ECMA-335 CIL/MSIL to C language.

We’re aiming for:
Better predictability for runtime costs, better human readability for the IL2C translated C source code.
Very tiny footprint requirements, we are thinking about how fit between tiny embedded system and large system with many resources.
Better code/runtime portability, minimum requirements are only C99 compiler.
Better interoperabilities for exist C libraries, we can use standard .NET interop technics (likely P/Invoke.)
Contains seamless building system for major C toolkits, for example: CMake system, Arduino IDE, VC++ …


“Calculator.UEFI” can execute directly on UEFI platform.
Exactly, this code absolutely contains non-OSes, can boot up from USB flash memory 🙂
It contains platform-dependent glue functions.
Bypass from-to UEFI console service functions.
ConIn, ConOut, OutputString, WaitForEvent, WaitForKey, ReadKeyStroke.

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