NSA Lojax guidance incorrectly still says Secure Boot is a mitigation

Re: https://firmwaresecurity.com/2019/01/28/nsa-hardware-and-firmware-security-guidance-updated/

Hmm, the NDA guidance for Lojax appears to be incorrect. It mentions Secure Boot will mitigate, but a comment from Nikolaj Schlej — and I thought also a tweet from Yuriy, but I can’t find that — and later the updated research says it does not. Guess I should submit a Pull Request to NSAcyber…


“To mitigate LoJax, ensure that UEFI Secure Boot is enabled and functioning. Standard mode is sufficient. Advanced organizations can also utilize custom mode.”


Update, 9 October 2018: The remediation section of the white paper contained inaccurate information. Secure Boot doesn’t protect against the UEFI rootkit described in this research. We advise that you keep your UEFI firmware up-to-date and, if possible, have a processor with a hardware root of trust as is the case with Intel processors supporting Intel Boot Guard (from the Haswell family of Intel processors onwards).”

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