VeraCrypt 1.24-Beta3 released

VeraCrypt has been updated, with multiple UEFI fixes and a few security features:

* Erase system encryption keys from memory during shutdown/reboot to help mitigate some cold boot attacks
* Add option when system encryption is used to erase all encryption keys from memory when a new device is connected to the system.
* Several enhancements and fixes for EFI bootloader:
* Implement timeout mechanism for password input. Set default timeout value to 3 minutes and default timeout action to “shutdown”.
* Implement new actions “shutdown” and “reboot” for EFI DcsProp config file.
* MBR Bootloader: dynamically determine boot loader memory segment instead of hardcoded values (proposed by neos6464)
* MBR Bootloader: workaround for issue affecting creation of hidden OS on some SSD drives.
* Fix issue related to Windows Update breaking VeraCrypt UEFI bootloader.


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