Finnbarr releases UEFI-Utilities-2019

Finnbarr P. Murphy has been working on a collection of UEFI Utilities for Intel systems for multiple years. It is somewhat like a UEFI version of Norton Utilities for MS-DOS or SysInternals for Windows NT, multiple small command line tools that dump out low-level system information.

UEFI-Utilities was built with — I believe — GNU-EFI,and probably only had 32-bit binaries.

UEFI-Utilities-2016 is built against UDK2015. And I think may only have 32-bit binaries.

UEFI-Utilities-2018 is built against UDK2017. Includes X64 binaries.

The 2019 edition is now out:

UEFI-Utilities-2019 is built against UDK2018. Includes X64 binaries.

Some tools are only in one collection.  Also, you need to watch Finnbarr’s blog, as sometimes he does a blog post on a new (or revised tool) and sometimes the tool is only published in the blog, not in the UEFI Utilities. At least it seemed like that for one of his tools in the past….

Some tools are only in one collection…

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