Open Commute Project Global Summit: Open Source Firmware Meetup

Open Source Firmware Meetup at the 2019 OCP Global Summit – Call for Participation
Wednesday, January 30, 2019 · Posted by Rajeev Sharma

The 2019 OCP Global Summit will be held on March 14th-15th at the San Jose Convention Center. As part of this Summit, we are very excited to announce the first Open Source Firmware Meetup. […] Traditionally, firmware was proprietary and closed, but there is growing interest in collaborating on Open Source firmware alternatives. This trend was also observed within the OCP community, leading to the incubation of multiple sub-projects like OpenRMC, Open System Firmware (OSF) and Security. The purpose of this meetup is to encourage collaboration among firmware engineers working in various OCP workgroups, such as Hardware Management (DMTF, OpenBMC, OpenRMC), Open System Firmware (Coreboot, LinuxBoot, UEFI/EDKII) and Security (Cerberus, PFR solutions). Each of these community projects are encouraged to make use of this Meetup to accelerate progress in their respective areas. We hope to accomplish, with this meetup, among other things: to review and revise requirements/specifications/roadmaps, hack a feature and upstream code, discuss and resolve complex pending issues and work on a make file strategy for Open Compute-hosted GitHub. […]

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