Spring 2019 UEFI Plugfest: schedule announced

State of the UEFI Forum
UEFI Self Certification Tests (UEFI-SCT) and Firmware Test Suite (FWTS)
UEFI Updates and Open Source Firmware evolutions on Arm
10:30 Risks to UEFI firmware due to growing attack surfaces
From Runtime to Compile Time: Improving ASL Through Enhanced Namespace Resolution
Microsoft UEFI Update
Hardening Firmware Components with Host-based Analysis
Half Duplex controller support and Multi IO support in SPI framework
Improving UEFI Network Stack Performance
Case Study: Removing SMM from Intel Platforms
Support Secure UEFI and OPTEE OS together on Arm
Role Modeling Open Source Best Practices in Firmware
Using Capsules for Firmware Configuration Update
UEFI topics for the manufacturing efficiency/second half hour of lunch
How Writing Portable UEFI Drivers Improves Reliability (and Helps Me)
Redfish Implementation for UEFI
Redfish Host Interface: UEFI and OS implications


Click to access 2019%20Spring%20Schedule%2027March%202019%20final.pdf

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