UEFI-Bootloader and UEFI-CPP-headers

These are two new projects from the same author: a new C++-based UEFI bootloader (new code, a work-in-progress), and a set of self-contained UEFI headers: no reliance on Tianocore, GNU-EFI, or other build toolchains.

A simple UEFI bootloader written in C++17 that does not need any third-party support code like Tianocore EDK or gnu-efi; only needs a handful EFI standard definitions that are provided by a sub-module. At the moment, compilation with Microsoft Visual Studio is supported (tested with MSVC 2017). Compilation with clang is also possible.


Some basic UEFI definitions and symbols exactly as definied by the UEFI spec, in a form of C++ headers to be used for writing C++ UEFI applications..


There are about half a dozen projects which have self-contained UEFI headers separate from Tianocore, GNU-EFI and others (in C, C++, and Rust). I wish the UEFI Forum would adopt a set of UEFI headers (in C, C++, and Rust) like this, so people would stop creating new ones…

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