Intel® FSP External Architecture Specification v2.1 Has Been Released

Nate DeSimone announced the availability of the FSP 2.1 spec.

We are pleased to announce that the FSP External Architecture Specification v2.1 has been posted to!

AmberLakeFspBinPkg has been released on, which provides the first implementation of FSP 2.1. This FSP is backward compatible with Kaby Lake, so there should be a good amount of existing hardware available for those who are interested in trying FSP 2.1. Looking forward, our upcoming Ice Lake and Comet Lake platforms will have FSP 2.1 binaries once they are released.

MinPlatform and FSP 2.1 provide a complete and native UEFI firmware implementation and together they are Intel’s preferred method of implementing open source UEFI firmware today. We will be pushing patches to the mailing list that add FSP 2.1 dispatch mode support to KabyLakeOpenBoardPkg in edk2-platforms soon!

For more info, see the full post on the mailing list archives.

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