P1 Security: QCSuper: a tool for capturing your 2G/3G/4G air traffic on Qualcomm-based phones


Lately, I have been playing with a 3G dongle – a small USB device enabling to connect to the mobile Internet. I have discovered that most USB dongles with a Qualcomm processor exposed a special diagnostic protocol, called Diag (or DM, or QCDM – for Qualcomm Diagnostic monitor).But I have also discovered that this proprietary protocol was also present inside Android phones (through a device called /dev/diag) and it allowed a couple good things, such as obtaining raw captures of network air traffic or, in older models, reading/writing at arbitrary offsets of the radio chip’s memory (!). Today, we are proud to present QCSuper, an open-source tool that will enable you to passively capture raw 2G/3G/4G frames produced by your rooted Qualcomm-based Android phone or dongle, and produce a PCAP analyzable using Wireshark (in addition to a couple other input/output formats).[…]

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