LLDBFuzzer: Debugging and Fuzzing the Apple Kernel with LLDB Script

Hmm, I can’t find the source code, just a blog and a PDF. Maybe I missed it…

[…] To help security researchers, we have developed LLDBFuzzer, which is based on the LLVM Project’s next-generation debugger called Low Level Debugger (LLDB). We tested LLDBFuzzer on a MacPro’s AMD graphic drivers. These drivers are used to accelerate and optimize 2D, 3D and video rendering, and they contain many interfaces that the user space can access; these features make them a good target for LLDBFuzzer. LLDB is not suitable for debugging low-level kernel components, but it can debug almost all the kernel extensions and XNU codes after the required hardware is operational. Based on these features, this is the novel fuzzing architecture of LLDBFuzzer […]


Figure. 1

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