System Boot and Security Microconference at Linux Plumbers Conference 2019

The security of computer systems is a very important topic for many years. It has been taken into the account in the OSes and applications for a long time. However, security of the firmware and boot process has not been taken so seriously until recently. Now that is changing. Firmware is more often being designed with security in mind. Boot processes are also evolving. There are many security solutions available there and even some that are now becoming common. However, they are often not complete solutions and solve problems only partially. So, it is good time to integrate various approaches and build full top-down solutions. There is a lot happening in that area right now. New projects arise, e.g. TrenchBoot, and they meet various design, implementation, validation, etc. obstacles. The goal of this microconference is to foster a discussion of the various approaches and hammer out, if possible, the best solutions for the future. Perfect sessions should discuss various designs and/or the issues and limitations of the available security technologies and solutions that were encountered during the development process. […]Expected topics: TPMs, SRTM and DRTM, Intel TXT, AMD SKINIT, attestation, UEFI secure boot, IMA, Intel SGX, boot loaders, firmware, OpenBMC, etc.

Some presentation abstracts are online, eg:

Non-UEFI-aware measured boot using coreboot, GRUB and TPM2.0

Secure and Trusted boot in OpenBMC

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