Firmware Manager: Generic framework and GTK UI for firmware updates from system76-firmware and fwupd, written in Rust.

System76 is one Linux distro/OEM that rolled it’s own firmware update mechanism, instead of supporting fwupd. Now they have a new tool that integrates the two solutions:

One of the remaining issues with firmware management on Linux is the lack of options for graphical frontends to firmware management services like fwupd and system76-firmware. For fwupd, the only solutions available were to distribute either GNOME Software, or KDE Discover; which is not viable for Linux distributions which have their own application centers, or frontends to package managers. For system76-firmware, an official GTK application exists, but it only supports updating System76 firmware, when it would be more ideal if it could support updating firmware from both services. fwupd is a system service which connects to LVFS to check for firmware updates to a wide variety of hardware from multiple vendors. system76-firmware is our own system service which connects to System76 to check for firmware updates for System76 hardware. To solve this problem, we’ve been working on the Firmware Manager project, which we will be shipping to all Pop!_OS users, and System76 hardware customers on any other distribution. It supports checking and updating firmware from the fwupd and system76-firmware services, is Wayland-compatible, and provides both a GTK application and library. […]

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