Roadmap to TPM documentation from UEFI POV

William Leara, a UEFI firmware engineer, has a new blog post giving a roadmap to the TCG’s TPM specs:

A Roadmap to TCG’s TPM Documentation: The Trusted Platform Module (TPM) found in most computers today is a device governed by the specifications of the Trusted Computing Group (TCG). Truly grokking how a TPM operates is a daunting task: the specification for the TPM, called the TPM Library Specification, currently comes in four parts, totaling 2237 pages. (!) However, even those 2237 pages aren’t the whole story. This article provides a roadmap to the various specifications that define the TPM, in order to provide the reader with a comprehensive picture of what documentation is available, and what must be studied to acquire TPM mastery.[…]

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