UEFI Forum: How to Create a Secure Development Lifecycle for Firmware

The UEFI Forum’s recent webinar is now archived and available for on-demand viewing:

Click to access UEFI%20SDL%20Webinar_Final%20Slides%20-%20PDF.pdf

I hope the UEFI Forum also starts doing some webinars for downstream consumers of UEFI firmware (eg: enterprise blue team defenders), nost just upstream firmware engineers.

I hope the UEFI Forum starts to address security a bit better than indirectly referencing CHIPSEC. Current UEFI Forum tests (SCTs) are basically useless when it comes to security. Intel CHIPSEC only works on INTEL processors, not AMD nor ARM processors, so any CHIPSEC reference for UEFI firmware security is USE:LESS for non-Intel systems. There was a partial ARM port [1] but it was never upstreamed. Linaro started work on LUV (which includes CHIPSEC) but hasn’t finished the work[2]. As I understand things, AMD won’t be able to port current CHIPSEC to AMD since current CHIPSEC interface works with public Intel interfaces but would require non-public interfaces to make it work for AMD. Unless something changes, I don’t see how CHIPSEC will ever work on non-Intel platforms. You’d think ARM and/or AMD, or one of their larger customers, would have a vested interest in fixing this problem. 😦 Before you buy a new UEFI system, ask if you have security tools to audit that system, starting with if those tools are ported to that CPU.

[1] https://firmwaresecurity.com/2016/10/11/chipsec-ported-to-arm/

[2] https://firmwaresecurity.com/2015/05/11/linaro-makes-luvos-live-available-for-arm64/

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