AMD: AGESA update (on Reddit)

I often see news about AMD AGESA in the news, often starting on Gamer web sites talking about gamer-centric boxes. I wish there was a primary source of this data, but it appears that AMD tells it’s vendors and the vendors tell the media about the updates, and there was no direct AMD source of this information. At least that’s what I thought until a few days ago. The “AMD Official” user on Reddit has posted a status update on the next AGESA release:

An Update on the AM4 Platform & AGESA 1004

AMD has recently released a new AGESA to manufacturers, version 1004. With over 150 changes, this is a significant milestone release in the development of the AM4 platform. We wanted to share some background in support of our release and particularly in advance of the AMD Ryzen 9 3950X processor launch on Nov. 25th.[…]

Let’s hope there are regular updates on AGESA on this Reddit site:

More info:

Intel’s equivalent to AMD AGESA is FSP. By comparision, there is a bit more metadata to see what’s happening with FSP, I wish AMD had similar resources for AGESA:

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