Intel ATR training: no longer publicly-available


It appears training materials that used to be on Github are no longer there, unsure why. Hopefully it has moved (from the “Advanced-Threat-Research” top-level Github project and moved to some Intel/McAfee/Eclypsium project, and I just don’t know the new URL.

As I understand it, the training was created by Intel employees, mostly from the CHIPSEC team, before many of the CHIPSEC team left to create Eclypsium, and also during the Intel/McAfee split of Intel Advanced Threat Research. I have a copy of the Github project that’s been taken down somewhere, in case the authors at (Intel, McAfee, Eclypsium) mistakenly deleted it and want a copy.

The current CHISPEC team offers training, but appears to use a different set of of materials, which are online:

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