SEC Xtractor: HW/FW tools for dumping memory chips and identifying on-chip debugging/programming interfaces

We have just made the “SEC Xtractor” tool (SEC Consult’s hardware exploitation and firmware extraction tool) open-source! It comes with an easy to use and configurable memory reading concept that supports multiple ways to read flash chips (e.g. NAND chips). As its firmware and hardware are completely open-source, it can be easily extended. Interface identification is another requirement that was fulfilled by integrating JTAG brute-forcing and UART scanning. It can also be used as an OpenOCD adapter and it provides two UART-to-USB bridges. Most devices require anything between 1.8 and 5.5 volts, which is supported by the SEC Xtractor.[…]

SEC Xtractor (Hardware)

SEC Xtractor (Firmware)

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