Using an Option ROM to overwrite SMM/SMI handlers in QEMU

This article explores PCI Expansion ROM (or Option ROM) execution within UEFI and walks through a practical scenario of using Option ROM code to modify SMM. In order to accomplish this goal we relax the security within EDK2. Note that this article does not reveal any security weaknesses. We begin with how to create a QEMU/OVMF/iPXE testing environment that boots Fedora with UEFI Secure Boot enabled and measures the pre-OS environment using a software TPM2. We then install an SMI handler by modifying our iPXE EFI Option ROM, which is the same as a DXE driver run during Boot Device Select (BDS). Finally, we again modify our Option ROM code and overwrite and reliably ‘shim’ an existing SMI’s handler with our own.[…]

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