Krabs: an x86 bootloader written in Rust

Krabs is working on booting vmlinux and ELF kernels on legacy 32-bit PCs and is under the development. Krabs also aims to support only the minimal Linux boot protocol. This allows you to specify the kernel command line and manipulate the behavior of the kernel at boot time. Another feature is that in order to save space, the ELF format kernel is compressed using bzip2 before use and uses libbzip2 library for decompressing.
[…]Krabs is an experimental x86 bootloader written in Rust. Krabs can boot the ELF formatted kernel which compressed with bzip2. Krabs decompresses the bz2 image and relocate the ELF image, then boot the kernel. Some of the source code uses libbzip2 C library for decompressing, but the rest is completely Rust only.

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