auto-UEFI-entry: An interactive tool to auto-generate UEFI-entries

See security considerations in readme before using:

Auto-UEFI-entry — a bash script called “aufii” — is an interactive tool to auto-generate UEFI-entries. […] aufii works like this: aufii autodetects boot, root and swap partitions with blkid, asks you wether you need intel-ucode and which kernel you use and AUTOMATICALLY CREATES THE NECESSARY COMMANDS FOR YOUR UEFI-ENTRIES with efibootmgr. You can check which devices will be used and wether the auto-composed commands are correct. aufii will create a small executable and if thou wilst – execute it.[…] But carefully check the created commands, as wrong UEFI-entries will render a system unbootable. So you better have a live-system at hand when trying the tool late at night just for fun. Simply run aufii.

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