U-Boot Verified Boot vulnerability: CVE-2020-10648

Excerpt from comments in part1 of patch:

When booting a FIT, if ‘bootm’ is used without a specified configuration, U-Boot will use the default one provided in the FIT. But it does not actually check that the signature is for that configuration. This means that it is possible to duplicate a configuration conf-1 to produce conf-2 (with all the signatures intact), set the default configuration to conf-2 and then boot the image. U-Boot will verify conf-2 (in fact since hashed-nodes specifies the conf-1 nodes it will effectively verify conf-1). Then it will happily boot conf-2 even though it might have a different kernel. This series corrects this problem and adds a test to verify it. It also updates fit_check_sign to allow the configuration to be specified. This vulnerability was found by Dmitry Janushkevich and Andrea Barisani of F-Secure, who also wrote the vboot_forge script included here. This is CVE-2020-10648. […]


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