Bare-Bones-UEFI: A barebones UEFI development platform

This is a new UEFI build environment, different than GNU-EFI or EDK2’s Build or efi-clang. Based on GNU-EFI but uses Clang instead of GCC. This is about the dozenth new non-Tianocore UEFI dev environment, some of which have separate UEFI header projects: I really need to create a list. 🙂

An extremely lightweight UEFI SDK that uses a standard clang instalation to compile C directly into UEFI applications. It uses the data structures and header files from gnu-efi, but does not use any of the toolchain of gnu-efi. I’ve also included a build of edk2 to make it easy to run the UEFI applications in qemu.[…]

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