Polypyus: Firmware Historian

Polypyus learns to locate functions in raw binaries by extracting known functions from similar binaries. Thus, it is a firmware historian. Polypyus works without disassembling these binaries, which is an advantage for binaries that are complex to disassemble and where common tools miss functions. In addition, the binary-only approach makes it very fast and run within a few seconds. However, this approach requires the binaries to be for the same architecture and have similar compiler options. Polypyus integrates into the workflow of existing tools like Ghidra, IDA, BinDiff, and Diaphora. For example, it can import previously annotated functions and learn from these, and also export found functions to be imported into IDA. Since Polypyus uses rather strict thresholds, it only found correct matches in our experiments. While this leads to fewer results than in existing tools, it is a good entry point for loading these matches into IDA to improve its auto analysis results and then run BinDiff on top.



Hmm, IDA, Ghidra are supported. I don’t see Radare2. 😦

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