EFI_DXE_Emulator: Qiling support in the works!

Re: https://firmwaresecurity.com/2019/08/23/qiling-binary-emulation-framework/ and https://firmwaresecurity.com/2020/02/27/efi-dxe-emulator-and-debugger-ported-to-windows/

Qiling has been looking for UEFI support for a while, see their TODO file:

The EFI_DEX_Emulator is getting Qiling support!


PS: Qiling mentions how it’d be nice to fuzz UEFI with AFL:

I just noticed that the below project (which I was about to point out to the Qiling project) is no longer available, unfortunately:


CHIPSEC has a few small built-in fuzzers, some of which apply to UEFI.

The only other UEFI fuzzing project I know about is Intel’s Project Excite, an open source project which I don’t think they ever managed to open source, and I think it used KLEE instead of AFL:


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