rename-efi-entry: bash script to rename EFI boot records

[…]Operating system installation routines tend to have these boot configuration labels hard-coded and to create them in EFI PROM automatically. So in case a computer has, say, several Ubuntu instances installed, it is also likely to have several identical “ubuntu” boot configuration labels in its EFI menus, causing a kind of confusion. One might further want to rename boot configurations, so to make them distinguishable, but unfortunately the standard efibootmgr utility has no option for that.[…] The rename-efi-entry script is designed to facilitate renaming EFI boot configuration entries using efibootmgr utility. It automates querying current EFI configuration and bootable partition data, and also shaping command line arguments for efibootmgr.[…]This script can only rename EFI boot entries that are related to Linux. It will most probably ignore the other ones.[…]

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