UBC: an UEFI BIOS Configurator based on GRUB2 with setup_var (Windows- and AMI-centric)

Here’s a few UEFI tools I’ve not seen before. But they’re binary-only Windows executables, no source code provided in the Github repro, so be careful if you try to run them. It appears you might need to have an AMI BIOS for some of the tools.


Most laptop manufactures lock down their BIOSes very securely with RSA signing nowadays. This bypasses the dillema of finding a bypass to flash a modified BIOS and instead modifies the NVRAM registers instead.[…]
This tool is based on Windows 7/10 and python 2.7, and works for AMI UEFI BIOS
1. Open Windows console
2. Call AMISetup_IFR.bat <motherboard-bios-file>
3. Call python main.py
4. Copy all files in ‘_Setup’ directory to GRUB2 config directory, overwrite the file if already exists
5. Reboot your computer from GRUB2 disk in UEFI mode

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