9pfsPkg: 9P Client File System for UEFI (Styx)

In the beginning, Bell Labs created “Unix“. Later, then did a follow-up, called “Plan 9“. Later still, Bell Labs (then Lucent) took Plan 9, added some Java-like features and renamed it to “Inferno” (after Dante’s book), then fairly quickly sold it off to Vita Nova.
The Plan 9 file system, “9P“, called “Styx” in Inferno, as in the River from the book, has been implemented in many places. Today, both Plan9 and Inferno OSes continue, and 9P/Styx is implemented in a variety of other OSes, most recently a UEFI version of 9P client.

“9pfsPkg is a Plan 9 file system protocol (9P) client for UEFI. It provides EFI_SIMPLE_FILE_SYSTEM_PROTOCOL interface for network transparent file system operation.”


More info:

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