NYIT Vancouver to build Secure Boot for GoWin Semiconductor SecureFPGA

[ Interesting, a semiconductor vendor teaming with academia to add security features to their product line. And, the list of “Secure Boot” flavors is about to get one entry larger.]

CyberSecurity Students Partner with Gowin Semiconductor to Solve Security Challenge

[…]Cybersecurity students in INCS 870 at New York Tech’s Vancouver campus recently had the unique opportunity to contribute to combatting that threat by working with China-based Gowin Semiconductor, the world’s fastest growing programmable logic company, to solve some security problems on Gowin’s SecureFPGA devices.[…]As part of their graduate capstone project, the students worked with Gowin to develop a Secure Boot for the SecureFPGA system using Gowin’s Broadkey security library. Secure Boot is an industry security standard that ensures that any device boots using only software that is digitally signed and verified by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM), a process designed to protect against malicious software being executed in the boot process.[…]According to Grant Jennings, director of international marketing for Gowin Semiconductor, Secure Boot is one of the most common requests the company receives from customers wanting to add security capabilities to their embedded products. […]



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