LVFS 1.2 released


LVFS is the firmware update service for Linux.

It is great to see LVFS getting new support from vendors!

New features:
* Add a filter view for user uploaded firmware
* Add a plugin to identify old microcode versions
* Add cached public stats of useful metrics
* Add support for LVFS::UpdateMessage
* Allow clients to upload anonymous HSI attrs
* Allow re-signing binaries
* Create Jcat files in archives and for metadata
* Delete firmware in embargo with newer public versions
* Disable unused user accounts for GDPR compliance
* Export the success confidence to the mdsync vendor
* Include LVFS::UpdateProtocol in the metadata
* Rewrite the AppStream screenshot URL to use the server CDN
* Rewrite the metainfo when signing the firmware
* Save metadata about Intel microcode blobs
* Support Lenovo, Dell and Intel specific security tags
* Use celery to process async operations

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