Alex Ionescu online accounts?

Hmm, it seems that Alex Ionescu, author of VisualUEFI has disappeared online, partially.

I was going to point someone to an old post of his on Windows binaries included in WBPT ACPI, for an answer to the below question:

but it appears his Twitter account is no longer active and all the old tweets are gone:

His web site appears to be blank (default, unconfigured) state:

The Github web page for Alex has a link to his Twitter URL, which appears to redirect to another user: (maybe this is innocent Github redirection foo?).

Just being a bit paranoid, but maybe you should be careful about using some of the binaries checked into  VisualUEFI:

Keep an eye out for any strange checkins:

I’ve probably missed something and he’s moved onto another account or something. But be careful with anything in binary (or source form) online, in general, anyway.

If someone can clarify things, please leave a Comment on this post. Thanks.

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