isfl: Insyde Software UEFI firmware flashing Linux driver: Needs Maintainer

This Insyde-specific Linux driver has been around for a year:

This is version 0.0.05 of the (GPLv2 licensed) Linux driver required to carry out firmware upgrades on Insyde Softwares UEFI platform, using the H2OFFT-L(x64) utility on GNU Linux. The utility itself is not available here, since it does not seem to be GPL licensed.[…]

There’ve been two sets of checkings: the initial one last year, and a single comment a few minutes ago:

No maintenance: Please note that I (@tomreyn, you may be looking at a fork of the original repo where things may differ) have no intention of maintaining this code. I’m merely making it available here on GitHub for others to fork and hack on it, just in case it goes offline at the original location I copied this GPLv2 code from.[…]

If there was info on this on Insyde’s web site, I missed it. But there is this:

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