Raytheon: Electronic Armor Trusted Boot (EA-TB) (and Boot Shield)

Raytheon sells a few products with different firmware security features: Trusted Boot, Secure Boot, and Measured Boot. Their EA-TB whitepaper was just revised, ACAICT.

EA-TB offers an integral solution for cyber resiliency and technology protection. The EA Trusted Boot Solution EA-TB is a hardware-based foundation for ensuring secure boot and runtime integrity for commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) processors such as Intel-, ARM- and PowerPC-based systems. EA-TB defends against boot-level attacks and kernel/application modification, and protects against attackers gaining persistence on a system. It can also be deployed with Electronic Armor Operating System (EA-OS).[…]

Warning: first URL is a PDF which includes SPACEs in the filename. Ugh. Why didn’t W3C do more to discourage this sort of behavior?

Click to access 4500615_RIS_Electronic%20Armor%20Trusted%20Boot_v13.pdf


see-also: Boot Shield

also-see-also: CounterVail

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