Trammell: eficheck finds Thunderstrike 2

Trammell Hudson tests Apple macOS’s eficheck against Thunderstrike2:

Thunderstrike 2

Apple macOS automatic EFI checks

High Sierra automatically checks EFI firmware each week

Upgrading to High Sierra brings a new and significant security feature: your Mac will automatically check its EFI firmware. In a series of tweets, Xeno Kovah, one of the three engineers responsible for the new tool, has outlined how this works.[…]

High Sierra automatically checks EFI firmware each week

AFAICT, the article references Tweets from earlier today that appear to have subsequently been deleted from Twitter.

new Apple tools: eficheck (and nvm)

Apple has apparently created a tool for examining Apple Mac EFI firmware, called eficheck. As I understand things, it was released, then pulled due to some issues (bugs?), and is apparently now avabilable in latest macOS updates. Also, it sounds like there might be another tool for NVMe diagnostics.

usage: eficheck: [–save -b] [ –cleanup -b] [–generate-hashes [-b] [-p]] [–integrity-check [-h [-b]]] [–show-hashes [-h] | [-b]]

Maybe someday there’ll be more info on eficheck, if you find any manpage or other info, please leave a Comment.


Sounds exciting, but I don’t know where to get eficheck. If someone knows, please leave a Comment to this post. Thanks!